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Urban Drug Rehab Brisbane - Jost Sauer
Urban Drug Intensive Rehab Brisbane - Jost Sauer

The Holistic Addiction Recovery Experts

Residential and outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery programs

The Urban Drug Rehab is a private holistic drug- and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

The therapeutic model underpinning Urban Drug Rehab programs and treatments is Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

We treat the whole person, not just presenting symptoms. Our programs enable you to quit drugs or alcohol permanently because they create physical, emotional and spiritual health. You will know who you are and what your purpose is. This is what holistic recovery means.

We offer residential and outpatient recovery programs. Our services include drug- and alcohol counselling, acupuncture, Orthomolecular therapy, nutritional therapy, breathing and relaxation techniques, exercise therapy, yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, music and meditation. Program content and length is customised for each client.

We successfully treat all addictions, including marijuana addiction, amphetamine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, ice addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin and methadone addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, sugar addiction and depression, anxiety and abuse issues.

We provide creative solutions.

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We are happy to customize our programs and services to suit your needs and your budget.

About Urban Drug Rehab

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Just quitting drugs is not the solution. We show you how to make your life after drugs, extraordinary, fulfilling and purposeful.


Unable to enjoy normal sex after drugs? We have the solution. Stimulant drug use enables excessive sexual activity. This creates deficiencies, sexual dysfunction and internet porn dependencies. We specialize in restoring healthy post-drug sex drive and function.


Are you suffering from panic, anxiety, fear and emotional reactivity? Our lifestyle-based recovery programs create physical and emotional balance.


Are cravings always driving you back to substance use? We can help. Our unique ‘replacement’ strategy identifies what need a substance fills for you, physically, emotionally or metaphysically, and we show you how to replace that.


A consultation and acupuncture session with our expert, Jost Sauer.

Find out how to make your past an asset and your future purposeful and extraordinary. Experience the natural high from our unique addiction acupuncture. More…

The Day Program

A revitalising and inspiring day session includes the consultation and acupuncture with Jost.

Plus nutritional counselling, a delicious and nutritious organic lunch, a personal chi-training session and a plan for your new therapeutic lifestyle. More…

Residential Rehab

Developed by Jost Sauer after 30 years of research into the most effective alternative drug and alcohol recovery strategies, this is the most effective holistic program you will find. You will: Quit drugs or alcohol for good, avoid relapsing, have a purposeful, healthy and meaningful life. More…

Books and videos by UR Founder, Jost Sauer

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If you want to quit drugs or alcohol and feel inspired and purposeful,

contact us now. We guarantee change.