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Drug Rehabilitation guru Jost Sauer

Jost Sauer – Drug Rehabilitation Expert and Author

From Recovery to Discovery

The Urban Drug Rehab is a private facility specialising in holistic recovery.  We offer a fresh new non-judmental approach to recovery. Our worldview is multi-dimensional and our focus is on fulfilling your desire to feel extraordinarily good.

We do not use 12-step type thinking. We work with positivity, inspiration, recapturing good feelings and having an extraordinary life after substances. We don’t look at what went wrong, we look at what you got right. We are the only rehab in the world taking this approach.

Our ground-breaking programs and philosophy were developed by Jost Sauer, a registered Acupuncturist and internationally recognised holistic recovery expert and author, whose radical ideas on recreational drugs and recovery, have led to his reputation as one of the most original thinkers in the field.

As well as an unapologetic background as a speed addict and alcoholic, Jost has over 30 years experience in the Recovery industry. This combination led to his discovery of a link between drug use, altered states and destiny, and the development of one of the most powerful and unique recovery programs in existence.

We offer live-in rehab facilities and outpatient options. All treatments are one-on-one. Our specialties include transformative drug and alcohol counselling, addiction acupuncture treatments, vitamin & nutrient therapy and training in chi-practices.

Urban Drug Rehab successfully treats all kinds of addictions, including marijuana addiction, amphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin and methadone addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, sugar addiction, depression, anxiety and abuse issues.

The Urban Drug Rehab is a private health centre. We have a very high success rate because we show you how to recapture everything you wanted from drugs or alcohol, how to make your past an asset, and how to continue the journey.

The Urban Drug Rehab program is conducted by accredited practitioners and is carried out in the strictest confidence in line with the current privacy legislation.

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